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Project Design and Macroeconomic Management Afghanistan Ministry of Planning, 2003
Training of senior officials of the Ministry of Planning of Afghanistan on project design, management, monitoring and their economic impact on macroeconomic management and sustainability.

Kabul International University Project Massoud Foundation, Afghanistan, February 2003
Contract issued by the Massoud Foundation to design, appraise, raise funding for, and implement the proposed Kabul International University.

Summit on Afghanistan’s Investment Climate and Development Prospects Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, February 2003
Mandate issued by the Minister for Foreign Affairs to organize, promote and facilitate the Summit on Afghanistan’s Investment Climate and Development Prospects called “The Way Forward!” in the United States.

International investment partner sourcing Ariana Telecom, Afghanistan, February-June 2003
Commissioned by Ariana Telecom to search and screen qualified international investment partners for establishing a nation-wide fixed-line telephone system in Afghanistan

Strengthening Public Expenditure Management DFID project, Albania, 2002-2004
As part of REPIM group, IKUB is providing assistance in the implementing an MTEF approach to budgeting.

Research Briefs Intellibridge Global Intelligence Solutions, August 2002 - December 2005
Contracted by Intellibridge to provide ongoing support for the preparation of focused research briefs on a variety of economic issues ranging from agriculture to resource management, to fiscal and monetary policy.


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