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SEGIR Macroeconomic Policy II—an IQC (Call-down) Award USAID-2004-2007: As a member of a consortium led by the Louis Berger Group, IKUB is providing macroeconomic and economic management experts under the second round of call-down contracts to be awarded by USAID in a broad range of countries and administrative areas during 2004-2007.

Afghanistan Poverty Assessment and Socioeconomic and Macroeconomic Statistics Capacity Building Project Asian Development Bank, Afghanistan, 2004-2006
Working with RMDG and Anutech, the IKUB Consortium is assisting the CSO Afghanistan with the design and conduct of the country’s first poverty assessment. Our consortium is building the required capacity to collect, analyze and disseminate socioeconomic and macroeconomic data, including national accounts, BOP, and monetary statistics

Review and Restructuring of the Albanian Ministry of Finance DFID Project, Albania, February-March 2004
Reviewed the structure and functions of the MOF with a view to reforming the ministry meet its proper roles and functions in the context of the country’s reform program and its plan for the EU membership.

Economic Management Framework Agreement DFID project, Iraq, 2004-2007: As a member of Enterplan Consortium , IKUB is providing technical expertise on economic management issues to DFID as and when required.

Trade Reform Framework Agreements DFID project, 2003-2006

As a part of REPIM Team IKUB is providing the services of four experts to for technical and professional advice and conduct policy reviews to DFID in several countries.


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