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Project Management Team

Agriculture and Rural Development Specialists                                                                                            (Expand +)

Sudhir Wanmali, Ph.D.
Team Leader, Agriculture and Rural Development -Economic Geographer/ Regional Planner

George Norman Collett
Senior Consultant, Agriculture and Rural Development-Natural Resources Economist

Sasha Courville, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant, Environmental Economist

Industry, Infrastructure, and Power Specialists                                                                                            (Expand +)

Alinaghi A. Alikhani, Ph.D.
Principal and Director for Project Mgmt., Private Sector Development-Industrial Policy & Privatization Specialist

Mohamed Cassam, Ph.D.
Team Leader, Industry, Infrastructure and Power Sector

Education                                                                                                                                                                (Expand +)

Golnar Mehran, Ph.D.
Team Leader, Education and Social Safety Net-Education Reform Specialist

The IKUB Energy Resources Management and Mining Team                                                                      (Expand +)

Mujahid Iqbal
Team Leader, Energy and Environmental Specialist

Farrokh Najmabadi
Principal Consultant, Petroleum, Gas, and Mining Sector Specialist, and Industrial Policy Development

Jamal Rostami, Ph.D.
Principal Mining Specialist




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