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Project Managment Advice

Project Cycle:

  • Conducting feasibility and environmental studies, preparing cost-benefit analyses, and articulating implementation blueprints for infrastructure projects.
  • Developing systems for project identification, analysis and screening, implementation and monitoring.

Infrastructure Sector Policies and Projects:

  • Designing maintenance programs and road funds to finance an uninterrupted maintenance of road networks.
  • Executing privatization of ports authorities and harbors boards.
  • Overseeing air transport and airline management and privatization.

 Mining, Petroleum and Energy:

  • Establishing incentive regimes, project analyses, marketing, and closing financing in the mining sector.
  • Reviewing incentive regimes, product pricing and taxation, project analyses, and closing financing for the petroleum and natural gas projects.
  • Designing and reforming the legal framework, and operational support for resources revenue stabilization funds.
  • Sourcing private sector financing for power projects including power generation, distribution, and devising pricing mechanisms.
  • Designing, promoting, and implementing alternative energy resources projects.


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