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Dr. John A Karimu

Has more than twenty years of diverse work experience as a consultant to the World Bank, Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), and IKUB Consulting; the Minister for Finance, Development and Economic Planning, and Trade; the head of a development program funded by a non-governmental organization (CUSO) and the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ); and a lecturer.

In his capacity as the Minister for Finance, Dr. Karimu pursued a hands-on approach in implementing a World Bank/IMF funded economic and financial reform program of the Government of Sierra Leone between 1992 to 1996-he led the government delegations to the World Bank, IMF, and the European Union to negotiate the financial packages supported by these institutions; served as the executive chairman of the Council on Public Enterprise Reform and Divestiture Commission; and set up and chaired the Structural Adjustment Program Steering Committee that was responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the reform program.

As a consultant, Dr. Karimu has undertaken assignments in Papua New Guinea, advising the Department of Finance and Planning on fiscal policy reforms, public investment program formulation, implementation, and monitoring, and the setting up of the department of rural development, including devising the appropriate guidelines for the screening and selection of micro-projects. Dr. Karimu's current assignment is to advise the Government of Sierra Leone on implementation of the Public Sector Reform technical assistance project.




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