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Dr. Jitendra Modi

Is a macroeconomist with specialization in fiscal policy, trade and economic development. Following 24 years of service with the IMF, Dr. Modi has been working as a consultant on a number of short and long-term assignments predominantly in transitional economies. These have included appointments as the Team Leader for a EU-funded fiscal restructuring program in Swaziland, as an Asian Development Bank sponsored advisor on public investment program to the Ministry of Finance in Kyrgyzstan; as an advisor to the Department of Finance and Development Planning in Papua New Guinea; as a macroeconomic specialist to Debt Relief International Ltd, based in London; and as a fiscal specialist for USAID-sponsored project contractors. As a fiscal economist with the IMF, Dr. Modi participated in almost 50 consultation and structural adjustment program missions to 35 developing countries throughout Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East and the Pacific. During these missions he analyzed and discussed macroeconomic and growth-oriented developments with senior level government officials and recommended policy prescriptions for the overall stabilization and accelerated growth of these economies.

Dr. Modi has led numerous missions on government finance and macroeconomic statistical analysis to nearly twenty countries. This has involved training domestic technicians to manage and maintain fiscal reporting systems to comply with international standards. At the IMF headquarters in Washington D.C., Dr. Modi’s responsibilities included conducting research on tax policy and reviewing the programs of missions in fiscal policy areas to member countries including transitional economies. Prior to joining IMF, Dr. Modi worked for two years as a fiscal expert on a UNDP project on Perspective Planning in Sri Lanka and was the head of the Economic Intelligence Unit in the Ministry of Finance in Tanzania (his country of origin) for seven years. With resident assignments in Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, Kyrgyzstan, and Swaziland, Dr. Modi has a unique perception of the expectations and cultural sensitivities of host countries and clients. He is a United States citizen and is fluent in English, Gujarati (mother tongue) and Hindi and has working knowledge of German and Swahili.

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