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Dr. Jamal Rostami

Has over 12 years of combined design, research management, and teaching in the field of mining, tunneling, and heavy underground construction, and petroleum engineering. This experience includes advanced and mechanized tunneling, microtunneling, and mining systems used by the related industry around the world.

Dr. Rostami has a PhD in Mining engineering and his specialty if in the area of underground construction, tunneling, mechanized excavation, rock fragmentation, drilling, surface and underground mining (coal & hard rock), and space mining/construction.

In his career Dr. Rostami has worked on projects varying from feasibility studies to design, execution, and post construction analysis and claim settlements in the tunneling for urban and highway transportation, water/sewer and generally, infrastructure development as well as mining. Dr. Rostami served as Assistance Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, and as a member of administrative bodies at the Mining Engineering Department in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tehran.

Dr. Rostami also worked as a research assistant professor and deputy director of Excavation Engineering and Earth Mechanics Institute (EMI) in the Mining Engineering Department at the Colorado School of Mines (CSM), Golden Colorado. Dr. Rostami has over published over 36 papers including 5 peer reviewed papers and over 26 Reports.




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