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Information and Data Management Solutions Team:

Dr. Hossein Besharatian is an academic and information systems manager with vast experience in program development, business development and system engineering. Most recently, he worked as Business Development Program Director for a fast growing IT corporation in the Washington D.C. area. Dr. Besharatian has more than twenty years experience managerial and technical experience with the design and installation of a variety of VPN, LANs, X.25, ATM and ISDN networks, system performance analysis, applications engineering, customer development/support, training, business development, technical marketing, sales support, supervision of Network Engineers and project management. He also has extensive experience in project start-up, personnel management, cost control/management, the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) ... Read More>

Mr. John Blissett has over twenty-four years experience as the divisional head for information technology, software programmer, trainer, and support specialist at several British corporations. His experience also includes the restructuring of private sector organisations, coordinating projects requiring the establishment of new IT applications for hardware and software integration, establishment of new standards for communications applications and policy, and overseeing the establishment of wide area networks to link geographically diverse locations across Europe, North America and Asia to dramatically improve their internal and external communications capabilities through e-Mail and Internet access for thousands of staff.

Working with a range of corporate entities such as Laporte, Computerland, Systemhouse and MCI, Mr. Blissett has administered extensive change management projects ...Read More>


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