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Information Technology and Data Managment Advice

The Digital Divide that often separates developed from developing regions is not insurmountable. The range of possibilities provided by emerging digital technologies means that more people in developing economies are increasingly able to access to knowledge, information and new avenues of commerce. Increased access to health care information, educational programs, agricultural knowledge and government services, improved information and communications technologies are aiding in the alleviation of poverty, enhancing sustainable development and ensuring transparent governance.

IKUB Consulting has a range of experienced information technology specialists with experience in dispersing modern communications knowledge to technicians in developing areas.

IKUB Consulting is also a founding shareholder in APNAR Technologies JLT.  APNAR is an information and communications technology company based in Dubai, UAE providing telecommunications infrastructure hardware and software. Visit

IKUB Consultants have specialist experience in:

  • Macroeconomic and financial modeling, including training
  • Data collection and management, and statistical analyses
  • Systems implementation and integration
  • System operations and maintenance
  • Marketing and product research
  • Training





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