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Mr. Farrokh Najmabadi

Is a leading authority on petroleum, gas and mining policy and development issues with over forty years of unique experience with the World Bank (16 years), government departments and public agencies in Iran-as a cabinet minister for mines and industries, deputy minister of economy, deputy chairman and managing director of the National Iranian Oil Company, and several senior technical and managerial positions (22 years), and as a consultant (6 years).

For more than eight years, Mr. Najmabadi was a Principal Evaluation Officer with the Operations Evaluation Department (an independent body reporting directly to the president) of the World Bank, in charge of auditing numerous industry, energy, mining, finance, and private sector development projects carried out by the World Bank in all regions of the world, and published extensively on such issues.

His field experience both as a consultant and a World Bank staff includes projects in North America (Mexico), Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, and Europe. Mr. Najmabadi has a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from University of Birmingham (UK) and a diploma in management studies from Manchester College of Technology (UK). He is a US citizen and fluent in English, Farsi, and French.






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