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Private Sector Development and Business Restructuring:

  • Identifying bureaucratic, policy, and legislative bottlenecks and devising appropriate policy measures to promote private sector development.
  • Promoting foreign direct investment opportunities, including financial plan configuration and capital raising.
  • Developing domestic capital markets; assistance with obtaining sovereign and corporate credit ratings and access to international capital markets.
  • Developing the legal and regulatory frameworks to promote private sector development, including financial sector restructuring and judicial reforms.
  • Promoting small and medium-scale enterprise development, including through training and institutional strengthening.

 Civil Service Restructuring:

  • Defining the role of government and core services to be provided by the public sector.
  • Conducting functional reviews of government departments and agencies.
  • Determining the appropriate size of public service institutions through analysis based on a review of functions and financial affordability.
  • Reforming pay and benefits scales in line with those in other sectors of the economy.
  • Designing and conducting targeted training programs for creating and enhancing domestic capacity for economic and financial management, project design and implementation, and policy formulation and negotiation.




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