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Economic Management Advice

Macroeconomic Management:

  • Macroeconomic analysis and the design of stabilization programs and associated policy formulation.
  • Designing specific and appropriate fiscal, monetary, trade, and exchange rate policy reforms and programs.
  • Providing technical assistance to implement policies and programs designed to ensure training and knowledge transfer to developing communities.

Structural Reform Programs:

  • Reviewing and identifying impediments to income and employment growth, improving income distribution and optimizing public service delivery.
  • Devising appropriate policies, programs and implementation strategies to promote the sustainable development of human and natural resources.
  • Central bank restructuring and financial sector reform policies to consolidate banking, legal and regulatory frameworks.

Trade Policy Reform and WTO Accession:

  • Conducting competitiveness analyses, and reforming customs tariff and excise tax systems.
  • Formulating appropriate and progressive tax policies and reforming tax administration, including VAT and GST systems.
Formulating strategies and assisting developing countries with accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

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