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Perspective Presentation:

  • Strategic placement of media information with news organizations.
  • Skills seminars to assist officials to deliver responses to media questions and present key messages in a way that is succinct and to the point.
  • Crisis management strategy ensuring relevant parties are kept properly informed of an unfolding situation while minimizing confusion and misinformation.
  • Preparation and alerting of press conferences and media events.
  • Placement and full maintenance of an Internet homepage for the distribution of media and public information.
  • Distribution of a regular e-mail news briefs to the international development community.

Content Analysis:

  • Full updates, briefings and analysis of ongoing stories as they appear in the international media.
  • Analysis of crisis and general media strategies after stories have appeared on the news and suggestions on improving this process.
  • Ongoing liaison and channel building with media professionals to ensure they are kept accurately briefed on issues and events relevant to the client's core operations.






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