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Communication Strategy Advice

Globalization has placed increased demands on government and the private sector to communicate directly with the public and other stakeholders. Particularly during periods of change, transition or even crisis, effective information management is essential to maintain public confidence and support. IKUB communications specialists have experience across a range of industries and government sectors. This ranges from disseminating information relevant to ongoing government service delivery, to the promotion of specific projects through to media crisis management.
IKUB Consultants have specialist experience in:
Issue Preparation:

  • Development of strategies to present the correct client perspective on media issues.
  • Identification of potential crises and the preparation of action plans for the release of public information before the crisis begins.
  • Articulation of key points in response to issues raised in the media.
  • Negotiation with journalists and other news professionals to arrange interviews and the release of public comment.
  • Creation of e-mail and fax database of interested parties, stake holders and key constituencies to target in direct media activities.
  • Speech writing assistance to ensure speeches and presentations are of interest to the news media.




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